The EFS initiative was supported by the Pennsylvania Department of education through a PAsmart Advancing Grant, to support high-quality Green STEM education, teacher professional development, to promote student entry into Green STEM careers. This generous funding enabled us to pay teachers, students, and undergraduate interns for their time, as well as provide a variety of opportunities to connect with local organizations doing sustainability work in Philly.

West Chester University was the receiving agency for the PAsmart grant, and…

The Philadelphia Regional Institute for STEM Educators (PRISE) believes that STEM education is a social justice endeavor, and that with equitable access to high-quality STEM instruction, all students in the Philadelphia region can become successful STEM learners. As a subgrantee of WCU, PRISE was the primary agency handling coordination of the EFS Philly initiative.

Saint Joseph’s University (SJU) has been one of Philadelphia’s premiere universities since 1851. “Steeped in a tradition of academic rigor and social justice”, SJU was a natural partner for EFS Philly, and supported the initiative as a subgrantee of WCU, as well as providing an institutional home to PRISE.

PHENND Sustainability is a subnetwork of PHENND (Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development), convened to identify and build upon the great work happening in our schools and communities, and advocate for place-based, real world problem solving as a core pedagogical approach to sustainability education. PHENND Sustainability provided logistical and personnel support, through the recruitment and training of undergraduate interns, and by coordinating Green STEM internships for our high school students.

The GreenAllies mission is to empower and support students as they become environmental sustainability leaders. We envision a world where students lead the way to a more livable future by providing student leadership opportunities through service programs that promote a healthier, more sustainable community.