Spring Has Sprung at Saul

Things at Saul have changed quite a bit, with the warming temperature they are now working outside! This is an exciting time for the students because it gives them an opportunity to be hands-on, which is vital to Saul. Saul has partnered up with the Eat.Right.Philly program in an effort to get fresh veggies in the hands of students and community members. Read more

Workshop Cont.

To continue the conversation on gun violence, the class is preparing to learn about CPR. The first part of the worksheet dealt with different parts of the body and what vital organs may be a part of it. Students were paired with one another and was assigned a body part. Together, they found out which organs are a part of that body part and how it can be affected if injured. Read more

Workshop School

The topic the 9th, 11th and 12th graders are focusing on is gun violence, and the 10th graders are focusing on homelessness. Because this is the first week of this topic, the educator designed her lesson planned as building blocks. While I am only there on Thursdays, it’s interesting to see how far they have come along during the week. Read more

Closing Remarks

During this program we have reached a lot of bumps and and curves but with the help from the amazing staff I worked with, we did amazing. There are some things about the program I wish were a little better but overall it was a pleasure. This is where we started “My work fits into the EFS Process by keeping everyone on track and making sure the students have a say in the upcoming project such as any idea they think will contribute to the project. Read more

Youthbuild Visit to Drexel University

On Monday, April 4th I was so excited to host a number of students from the Youthbuild Charter School at Drexel for a demonstration of renewable energy technology such as solar panels and wind turbines and a tour of the Drexel Innovation Studio and machine shop.

In the first part of their visit, we went to the Drexel Engineering Technology Department’s Renewable Energy Laboratory where Professor Finley Shapiro our local expert in renewable energy taught the students how to characterize solar panels and wind turbines. Read more

My Experience at the U School

As I concluded my time at the U School, we were setting students up for summer internships in sustainability fields and to sign up for Anna’s summer program where students would be learning about sustainability and fulfilling different tasks in community gardens and around the school. I was also helping students to finish their senior projects where they chose a proposal or a research topic to present to their classmates. Read more


We’ve been focusing on a plethora of topics and questions since the beginning of the project. The students have been the major stars throughout the entire project. Our most famous question has been “How can we create a better understanding of sustainable energy and actually do something about it?” The hardship that we have taking on besides covid is timing. Read more

Continuing Support for Mastbaum

Recently, work has continued to focus on researching community organizations.  One of the most prominent organizations I’ve found that aligns with student interest is the Charles Foundation.  Founded in 2011, the Charles Foundation is community organization aimed at advocating for community safety, common-sense gun legislation, curbing the school-to-prison pipeline, and creating a supportive atmosphere for youth.  Read more

Fostering a Sustainable Future at School of the Future

At School of the Future, students are most passionate about building school community through field trips to local places of interest. My teaching team is committed to finding valuable connections between this goal and sustainability issues. As of right now, the students have become interested in trips to the Discovery Center, local nursing homes, community gardens, and more through research. Read more

Updates from Dobbins: We did camera training?

Hey! So last time we caught up, we talked about how Dobbins has identified their area of interest and has begun working on their project. If you missed that post, I’ll catch you up. The students at Dobbins are working towards creating a video that combines interviews, that represent various aspects of the community, on the effects and intersections of gun violence and environmental justice issues, such as food apartheid. Read more

Student Interest and Organizations at Mastbaum

I’ve been working with Jules E. Mastbaum Vocational School, a public school in the Kensington area. Students have expressed a deep interest and concern over several social issues, most notably gun violence and drug use, both of which affect safety around the school area. Students and teachers describe an environment around the school that isn’t conductive to learning or supporting students in pursuing their future, as they deal with larger social issues that affect them in adverse ways. Read more

Community Views, Survey Summaries, and Establishing Strategies for Increased Student Unity

Recent work on the EfS project has revolved around the distribution and analysis of a student survey. This survey looked to solicit Frankford students’ voices by defining how they view their respective communities in relation to their environments. Some examples of survey questions include:

  • How do you think the environment relates to your home and neighborhood?
Read more

Focusing in at The U School

A challenge we have been facing at the U School is getting kids from all grade levels involved in sustainability action and awareness in their community. Because Anna teaches a senior level class, it has been easy to heavily involve the seniors with background building, community partners, and hearing their opinions on sustainability at the school. Read more

The Low Down on Saul

It’s week two and so far, I’ve worked with Greg and Rebecca to improve student driven projects. Greg’s class has a two-part project, with the students choosing a topic relating to environmentalism and their neighborhood. While the second part consist of a persuasive speech that is to be given to their peers. Read more

Lincoln Survey and Wellness

I am an alumnus of Abraham Lincoln High School from the class of 2017. My interest in the EFS/PHENND program is to see if I can be able to assist with creating a sustainability program at Abraham Lincoln High School and support the teacher & students. Our team consists of Paula Miller, Chandra Graham, and Maria Pishko as the teachers. Read more