Closing Remarks

During this program we have reached a lot of bumps and and curves but with the help from the amazing staff I worked with, we did amazing. There are some things about the program I wish were a little better but overall it was a pleasure. This is where we started “My work fits into the EFS Process by keeping everyone on track and making sure the students have a say in the upcoming project such as any idea they think will contribute to the project. If they’ve seen any community programs that look like they would fit with EFS . The Challenges that we are having are covid limitations, simply with me coming on-site. We have zoom meetings and emails to make sure I’m still involved but being on site is the biggest issue. The school is not a controlled environment and after everyone goes home the safety stops there. The idea of sustainable energy has been discussed and analyzed since the beginning of the project, so right now Robeson has a group of conspiracy theorists!” Now its time to end