Continuing Support for Mastbaum

Recently, work has continued to focus on researching community organizations.  One of the most prominent organizations I’ve found that aligns with student interest is the Charles Foundation.  Founded in 2011, the Charles Foundation is community organization aimed at advocating for community safety, common-sense gun legislation, curbing the school-to-prison pipeline, and creating a supportive atmosphere for youth.  Read more

Student Interest and Organizations at Mastbaum

I’ve been working with Jules E. Mastbaum Vocational School, a public school in the Kensington area. Students have expressed a deep interest and concern over several social issues, most notably gun violence and drug use, both of which affect safety around the school area. Students and teachers describe an environment around the school that isn’t conductive to learning or supporting students in pursuing their future, as they deal with larger social issues that affect them in adverse ways. Read more