Workshop Cont.

To continue the conversation on gun violence, the class is preparing to learn about CPR. The first part of the worksheet dealt with different parts of the body and what vital organs may be a part of it. Students were paired with one another and was assigned a body part. Together, they found out which organs are a part of that body part and how it can be affected if injured. Following that, they were given a worksheet dealing with CPR. This worksheet was fill in the blank based on the slides for the CPR presentation. After going through the presentation, we all played a game of kahoot to see what the students learned.

The following week, we started off by playing the kahoot about CPR. Then the guest person came in with the CPR dummies to hand out to the students. The guest speaker was very interactive with the class. He made sure that when we were reviewing information, everyone was able to answer the question. This ensured everyone was arrested and participating. By the end of the lesson, everyone was able to give CPR to adults, children, and infants.