Updates from Dobbins: We did camera training?

Hey! So last time we caught up, we talked about how Dobbins has identified their area of interest and has begun working on their project. If you missed that post, I’ll catch you up. The students at Dobbins are working towards creating a video that combines interviews, that represent various aspects of the community, on the effects and intersections of gun violence and environmental justice issues, such as food apartheid. So far they are looking to talk with organizations such as CeaseFire, YEAH Philly and Mothers In Charge to name a few. They are also looking to interview their classmates and other members of the affected community. The end goal is for this video that highlights the lived experiences of people affected by issues of gun violence and environmental justice to be widely distributed throughout Philadelphia and be a point of starting conversation.

Since then the students have spent a few weeks doing camera training. They have learned how to set up a screen behind the person being interviewed, how to mike them, and how to angle them on the camera. They have also been spending time learning how to interview. This has involved them doing background research to help draft preliminary interview questions, learning how to phrase questions to be open ended and not leading, and learning how to come up with questions during interviews as a response to the interviewee.

Each student has now had a chance to get up a black screen, focus the camera on the interviewee, be interviewed, and give an interview. The last time I was with the students Taahzje interviewed me. He asked me questions the team had been working on such as “What is environmental justice? Can you explain it in a way that makes sense to someone who hasn’t ever heard of it before? What does this have to do with us? Why should we care? What was your process? What led you to come to the decision of pursuing this career?” It was really fun for me.

The progress on this project can be challenging because the students are only able to meet for an hour each week, but they have been thoughtful in the steps they have taken so far. This week they are on a much needed spring break, but we’re all excited to get back into it soon!

Thanks, we’ll catch up soon.

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