Abraham Lincoln High School: Wellness Area

Creating the sustainability program from the students has progressed. For me, I will be able to make more visits to assist the teacher and students until I graduate. In the extra visits, I expect to be able to assist with helping out in the wellness area and with the beautification process.  There have been recent student voices that have been able to contribute to the process being Dayeissy, Nathaniel, and Davy. In the program, the students created doorways for Black Heritage Month. The wellness area for the students has also been moving along with the possibility of getting soil from Primex or Fairmount. 

In my recent visit, I was able to visit Paula Miller’s robotics class where they are learning to code from the program scratch and will be trying to attempt with making codes to get drones operating from the drone kits. In the upcoming months, there will be more work done in the wellness area such as planting roses that have been donated. There will be a table for the courtyards from the District. The teachers have found a possible internship with Bennett Compost for the students that will have the internship in the summer. I expect to have more information in the upcoming weeks on what to expect from the teachers and students since having more school visits will build upon communications.

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