Abraham Lincoln HS Reflections For The Year

In my time at Abraham Lincoln High School it has been a great time to see the changes that are being made and will be made in the future. In my time as a student there was no such thing as wellness quadrant or festivals to represent a students heritage. It has shown that the students are becoming more aware and developing what they want out of school not only academically. The times I visited the school I’ve mostly been checking up on the details of the wellness quadrant and assisting the school team. In the wellness quadrant the students and teachers planted roses. Currently I’ve been assisting Ms. Graham with communicating with someone in Fairmount Park that can cut up a tree log to make stumps for sitting down in the wellness quadrant. Currently in the school they have finished up keystone testing and are winding down on the year with the teacher finishing up on grades. Overall with the year for myself I thought it was a good opportunity to see how things are put in place and learning of where/how to communicate with people outside of school.